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Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:19 pm by Ciabatta

Hello all,

Today I have something very special for you all... a new manifesto of sorts relevant to the future of this server.

Let me start off by saying that the Gulliver Server will be here forever and will not be going away (at least not before our 3-year mandate) and will not be changing at all unless new versions of Gulliver get released.  However, that next release has been growing increasingly more uncertain with Mion's schedule this year, and what with Minecraft now enjoying its 1.9 release, I have to admit that 1.6.4 (and even 1.7.x) are becoming increasingly-dated.  And rather than put up with this increasing slide into obsolescence, I think it's time to adopt a viable Plan B to continue rewarding our players for their time and creativity.

Although we've had many great successes with Little Brother, the truth is that it's not paid sufficiently-enough in its current "chaotic" state to justify the expense of keeping it as a side server.  Granted I don't mind having it as a test server so the money aspect isn't an issue, but I feel it's time we gave Little Brother a chance to do more.  Therefore, I want it to become an integral part of our Plan B.

Using our 2 years of experience vetting out different mods, I propose that we retire Little Brother as a chaotic, once-per-month test server, and repurpose it into the main "cutting-edge" branch of Big Sister.  The Ark region from Big SIster can be imported into this new repurposed Little Brother (as originally planned), but it will be imported into a brand new Minecraft 1.8 world (or 1.7.10 if we feel it more prudent).  From there, it will allow itself to resume the standard execution plan we had in mind after a potential Gulliver 1.7 update -- meaning that the area outside the Ark will spawn a brand new world of Ice Spikes and Mesas, and possibly even andacite and water temples.  

But that's not all.  In order to closely match the size theme that we've grown to adore from Gulliver, we also plan to pair it with other size-themed mods that we've had some experience with on LB.  

  • CustomNPCs is a given, as I've always said this servers as a fantastic compliment to Gulliver, what with its ability to create tiny and giant NPCs (as well as some amazing quests and shops).

  • Morph Mod, if it can update to 1.8, can allow us to assume the giant hit boxes of other mobs, allowing us to fit through tiny tunnels as silverfish, or fit in giant areas as Endermen or Ghasts.

  • Mo Creatures would liven the world with tons of new animals and monsters, and also provide the means for morphed players to excute special powers... such as flight or the ability to swim gracefully in the sea.

  • And although we'd want to try to limit the mods to those that don't add too many blocks, if you feel willing to take the risk, we can also include more ambitious mods like Twilight Forest (which also has giants) and Biomes O Plenty (which may be a bit too extreme, but certainly fun).  

Lastly, Big Sister will continue as a parallel Gulliver Server, serving more as a roleplaying server of sorts.  Builds to and from the Ark regions of BS and LB can be imported to and fro on special demand so we can keep both server's Ark regions more or less intact.  And of course the new server will bring new opportunities for making money, so we'll find some way to not only preserve the Cheese system, but expand it too.

We still have some time to think this over, especially since not all the mods above had 1.8 versions.  But if this sounds like something you'd be interested in us pursuing, please sound off with comments and suggestions below.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's thoughts!

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