RP Vandalism

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RP Vandalism

Post by Ciabatta on Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:58 am


Although this was considered unintentional, some damage was allegedly done to the RP House during an RP session tonight, and the damage was not repaired after the session ended.  VegaDestroyer is alleged to be the primary culprit, at least as reported by Mario and Zoll.

This may be unfounded, but either way it should be noted that if you destroy blocks as part of an RP, it's your responsibility to restore them, replace them, or at least notify/apologize to a staff member if the block is impossible to replace.  My staff and I should not waste  time or resources cleaning up after your mess, so if this happens repeatedly, expect this to be treated as griefing and dealt with appropriately.

You've been warned.

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