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Post by killerdud9 on Sat Jun 07, 2014 6:42 pm

I'm sorry i might be banned i just wanted to say sorry to spy and every one else. I'm just a screw up maybe i don't deserve the right's to be on the server. I'm just a screw up i cant go a full month without getting banned. i just screw up. I'll come back on if i'm let on again but you know I just can't not be a screw up. people like me should just u know not do things like this. no matter how hard i try i can't do thing's right i'm sorry friends for letting u down its my own fault why i'm here no one else's. i mean i just wanted to say sorry for being a piece of crap just if i do get a perm ban i will never give up to stay connected with every body. Sorry friends for being your friends and getting banned, sorry staff for wasting your time by dealing with me. i'd like to stay part but maybe i wasn't meant for this server but yet i have deep desire to be part, but i'd like to ask my-self a question WHY DID I DO IT WHY DID I THINK TO DO WHY CANT I NOT DO IT WHY. thank you for your time. i just want 2 say...
SORRY :'/ i'm proud of me for saying sorry but not for doing the wrong. I hope u understand :'). if not just tell da pichu i'll miss him, tell shadow sorry for wasting your time, and most importantly spy i'm very sorry.
`Love Killerdud9


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Post by Flammole on Sat Jun 07, 2014 10:53 pm

I'm sorry too, but the thing is, what you said was intolerable. You may not have meant it to be harmful, but Spymatt was this close to actually leaving because of what you said. The server has strict rules regarding the respect of all players, not just the staff. Yes, even Spymatt has feelings too. Razz

You didn't actually go and blow up a house or something, so it's not a perma-ban. From what Shadow told me, I don't believe it'll be too long before you'll be able to tell your apologies in person. What the actual sentence is: I have no clue. No more than a month I'd say.

Please understand: I'm only doing my job. It's not like I hate you for saying those things (Spymatt may think otherwise). In fact, I'm hoping we still have a nice relationship after this. I'm sure that, if you were in my place, you'd have done the same thing. Just be careful about what you say: the wrong thing said at the wrong time makes all the difference. ^w^

You're not a screw-up. I've seen worse players, trust me. Just make sure to keep the r-word at a minimum.  Happy Cia

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