-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 1# The attack

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-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 1# The attack

Post by Spookster on Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:43 pm

Before some of you ask where you appear in the story... You will appear in a later chapter and I hope you'll enjoy this chapter anyway  Smile 

Chapter is REWRITTEN Very Happy

-x- The curse of the temple -x- Chapter 1# The Attack

"Don't touch my things! No those are mine! Stop that fight right there! You need to go to school! I heard you'll celebrate something today!"
Audrey said too the kids.

"But but..." The kids said with a worried look... "No But! just imagine how much fun it could be! a nice relaxing day! The school won't teach you boring subjects like every other day!." Audrey said with a smile. "You need to go now Bye!"

When Audrey was pushing the kids outside the house to go to school she got a odd feeling in her stomach? Did the children think something would go wrong? What if they were right?

As everyone headed to school, other people were heading there too such as parents including Audrey who just volenteered to help with the event.

"Oh hey Audrey!" Mister Connor said. "you volenteered to help with the event? I heard it was organized by a man named Mr. Vile, Funny name though here's your schedule I hope you have fun!"

Audrey looked at her shedule seeing that everyone except for teachers were planned to go to the stage, when she was walking towards the stage she saw Mr. Connor, Radda and Mr Spook in the teacher lounge eating some cake... Was this planned? What if there are no teachers around to protect us if something goes wrong?" Audrey thought

"Hello everyone welcome to project rest! Where we give kids the time to have some rest! Today we will also announce who the best student of our school is!" Mr Vile said.
"All cheerfor Andrea! She got the most votes of all of the students!" Mr Vile said while holding a golden trophy.

"HOLD IT CREEPY GUY! In the name of the C.I.A Crime and police we need to stop this event in the name of our great police leader Ciabatta! We heard this event wasn't planned to be here! Stop all your events now!" A police agent said.

"Oh dear I'm so sorry! But look this is my schedule!" Mr.Vile said... "Andrea here's the gold trophy! And officer? Could you give this beautifull crystal to our amazing police leader Ciabatta herself, its a gift from our school because we're sorry that this even wasn't planned in your schedule."

One of the agents said "Give it to me I will give it too her" After that the officer took the crystal en brought it straight too Ciabatta.

"I Guess nothing is wrong here... Lets go! There's something happening in spawnington!" The police said while leaving.

"Very nice... Veeeeeeeery nice..." Mr. Vile said. "Andrea do you feel a bit sleepy? Oh no don't worry go and rest in this beautifull magical portal that will lead you right to her grace... hehehe and for you other people... Audrey have one of these crystals too... They make up for a perfect... mind controller."

As Mr. Vile transported Audrey to a unknown location Mr. Radda attacked Mr. Vile "You'll never get away with this!" Mr. Radda said. "Oh you will get away actually... With one of those amazing crystals..." Mr Vile said "Here you go..." He said while he transported Mr. Radda to a unknown location

"And for now you lovelly other people... until later... Her Grace awaits you all." Mr. Vile leaving with a big fire

However the smoke was so big it could be seen from a great distance! The smoke reached Lon Lon ranch and Haasman who quickly knew something was going wrong in Zardenmuiden


Thank you for reading! If you have any question or things you don't like please say it it will help me imrpove the next chapters  Smile

Because everyone is doing it


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