-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 3# The Judge and Judged

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-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 3# The Judge and Judged

Post by Spookster on Sat Jun 28, 2014 11:13 am

Hey all! im on a writing streak Laughing  anyway enjoy chapter 3 study 

-x- The cursed temple -x- Chapter 3# The Judge and Judged"

"Alright listen up, the ancient story tells about the crystals of mind and the and a odd man who tries to awake her queen" Haasman said

"A queen? You sure aren't you?" Mr Connor said "Yes the man name is Illander one of Zardenia's followers, the same one of the bed time stories, the stories tell that she was killed by a mere throw of a sword... This is however not true" Haasman said.

"Not true?! I heard this bed time story multiple time's!" Turn said "Zardenia was never killed by a mere throw, instead she was sealed away... I guess that hero only cared about his time period..." Haasman also said

"How did she get sealed away then? And how was this seal broken? And what is Illander trying to do!" Mr Connor said "They say that only the seals can be broken by a sword thats blessed by the people of the sky, those people forged a sword that will defeat any fool creature... Such as Zardenia" Haasman Said

"And what about those crystals and Andrea?!" Turn said "I guess they are something that stops the process... Why else did Illander give them to people? The people might cause chaos... We have to break those crystals, but that will only be possible by a sword blessed by the sky people" Haasman said

"Oh my! We have to hurry to get that sword! Or else this world will get destroyed by the corrupted people!" Mr Connor said while he pointed at Ur Cia

While Mr Connor pointed at a window which had view on the outside Ur Cia blew up anything above the basement

"TEE HEE HEE YOU LITTLE PEOPLE CAN'T HIDE FROM ME! I FOUND THIS NICE CRYSTAL AND ILL ARREST YOU FOR FIDDLING WITH A SCHOOL PROJECT" Ur Cia said while ghastlings with cage's picked up the people out of the basement

"TOO SEBONUALLY WITH THEM! SHE CHOOSES WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THEM!" Ur Cia said while she brought the people to the courtroom

When the people where all put in the same cage, the cage was put down in the Courtroom

"TEE HEE HEE! HAVE FUN!" Ur Cia said while she floated away to monster island holding a beautifull crystal in her tentacles

"Order Order! I Sebonually will choose your fate, May it be a fair one" The Judge said. "You all are thought of criminal activities which includes sabotage of a school projects, are you guilty?" The judge also said

"No we are not! We were attacked by a unknown man! You are all wrong! We need to find the blessed sword!" Haasman said

"Order! You won't find that thing no one care's about your fairy tales the sword "Lapurance" doesnt exist!" Sebonually said "I sentence you all for 5 year's prison! And help to get this sillieness out of you!" Sebonually  also said

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" A unknown voice said while the door was getting opened

A snowgirl appeared at the entrance wielding a glowing white sword

" Sebonually! We meet again! I finally found the sword blessed by the people of the sky! I will sentence you for Betrayal! and... connections to her Grace!" The snowgirl said

"This can't be! Snowgirl! I thought I never would see you again!" Sebonually  Said "Very well... Ill defeat you with my powers..."

"Hey Sebonually! take a look at this!" The snowgirl said while holding a snowball before her. "I heard you didn't like the cold!"

"The cold!?! You win this time Jammy! take the people but im not going to let you loose next time!" Sebonually said while she dissapeared with a bang

"I heard you people were in trouble, Sebonually isnt a real Judge She's one of her Grace's followers" Jammy said while freeing the people in the cage

"Is that the legendary sword "Lapurance"?" Turn asked

"Yes it is" Jammy said "And now those crystals need to be destroyed... Lets head to Ur-Cia and save her from that crystal..."


Phew...  Wink

Because everyone is doing it


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