-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 5# Sebonually's show

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-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 5# Sebonually's show

Post by Spookster on Sat Jul 12, 2014 3:58 pm

Here you go guys don't eat it in one go!  study 

-x- The Cursed Temple -x- Chapter 5# Sebonually's show

After our group found and destroyed the crystal, a weird voice came from the sky saying who she is and what she wants, Zardenia used to have a sister who betrayed her and was sealed away in the crystals, the group is not heading to the town of Micropolis why? because weird happingness are there.

"No time to wait! to Micropolis! We have to find out whats happening there! We have to act quick before the whole group is done for! Jammy said "Sheesh you're hasty, you sure you don't want a rest?" "Yeah we've been walking for 2 hours now, this road is huge" Haasman and Mr Connor said.

"Fine! Take your rest, but don't wander of road and stay close! You don't want anything bad to happen!" Jammy said

"Oh surely that won't happen" A voice said

"Mr Connor are you trying to be funny again? We're on a mission! No time to start discussions!" Jammy said

"Oh how discussion are always people talking to each other and talking about their arguments, if you all had the same ideas as me the world would be a better place" The same voice said

"Alright we've had enough rest, we're acting funny, lets go further or else we'll hurt each other because this crazy talk" Haasman said

As the group walked further they reached the split between Pumpkin grove and Micropolis

"Is that Turn! on the road to pumpking grove? Get to him!" Haasman said while he ran to Turn "Stop now Haasman its her illusion! She's here!" Jammy said

"She? Do you mean?" Mr Connor said

"Yes, she, master of puppetry perfect Judge and beauty Sebonually! Now stand in fear before your friend Turn he looks a bit... Empty you sure he's alrighty?" Sebonually said

"Turn wake up! Get out of her magic!" Haasman said

"Oh you mortal, He doesnt reconize you! Maybe this half creeper human does! Oh look! What if I use my magic to move them myself! Look at how good I move the legs! Couldt ask for better puppets!" Sebonually said "My dear puppets could you help me a hand? Its of course my own show, would be terrible is anything would go wrong, anyway you hero's need some deal time, give me the sword and you get your friend back, Easy trade won't it be?"

"Oh stop it please! You hothead! leave me for once already! First of that judge trick and now this?" Jammy said while attacking the left hands of Sebonually

"Eey! What are you doing" Sebonually said while loosing grip on Bramran "Turn! Get in my pocket dimension! They're messing up my show! With Zardenia's might I call up the curse of the lost one! Snowgirl! May you forever wander on the Dark path for you already did, the Thing did a very nice job and Zardenia asked me to return you to her" Sebonually says while pointing her fingers at Jammy. "Come little creature! Zardenia awaits you!"

Sebonually said while leaving with a big thing

"Well we have Bram back, but I guess someone isnt going to remember something" Mr Connor said


And thats it for today. I'll try to get the next one quicker (And of course you can find typos)

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Re: -x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 5# Sebonually's show

Post by Turn999 on Sat Jul 12, 2014 4:41 pm

noq I got it spook: I'm a puppet right now XD

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