-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 6# The cursed town

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-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 6# The cursed town

Post by Spookster on Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:19 am

Phew I did it! I made Chapter 6#  Very Happy  If you have any question feel free to ask

And also I need a evil name for "The Thing"

-x- The Curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 6# The cursed town

After the group had a confusing meeting with Sebonually, they found out Jammy was possed by a being all along named "The Thing" the group also found Bram back, maybe he knows something?

"Oh my Jammy are you still there?" The group said "Do you remember us?"

"Ugh yes I actually do... And me being outside a pyramid with two weird looking beings and a giant Thing, couldt see what... My head hurts..." Jammy said "I remember being forced to play along, the judge part was framed... We need to move quick" Jammy said while she had head pain

“And what happened to you Bram what did happen to you?” the group said

"You people saved me, she let me go... Thank you for saving me I guess Ill help you, that funky Sebonually needs payback, we're we headed?" Bram said

"We're heading to Micropolis, weird signals and more have showed up there, we need to take a look, might be a mind crystal." Connor said

"Okay! Thats settles! Come quick before we're too late!" Jammy said while the group followed.

Though when the group arrived at Micropolis they saw Mr. Radda amd Mr. Spook. Mr. Radda looked very scared while he was repairing everything while Mr. Spook looked like a giant dog crushing the town to pieces...

"Ladies and gentleman! Stand in fear before the new show! Dogzilla! Line up and see towns getting destroyed! get quickly here!" A voice from the sky said

"Oh my, guests! and I haven't even done my tasks yet! No worries though! All I have to do is defeat you from getting any closer to Her Grace, She wanted me to command these people to destroy towns that are not normal, and still you people have showed up everywhere, defeating "friends" who helped us" The voice said

"With that said Sebonually will destroy you for once and all! Dogzilla destroy those heroes! They are not only ruining Her Grace her plans but also stealing the show! And Raddaman... You're going to protect the core element of the show, The mind crystal, call me when you're done Dogzilla... Sebo  out..." The voice said

"WOOOOF!" Dogzilla said while almost crushing Haasman and Mr Connor

"Find the crystal Jammy and Connor! I handle him!" Bram said "Dogzilla you want a bone?" Bram said "They're fresh and clean, they're just from a skeleton!" Bram said too "Sit big boy! I want you too be a good boy now! Are you actually possesed big boy?" Bram also said

"Woof woof!" Dogzilla said while shaking his head from left to right "Woof!"

"Good boy! You promise to be nice for my friends?" Bram said "Woof!" Dogzilla barked and nodded

"Whoah Bram never knew you were such a good dog tamer! Are those real skeleton bones?" Haasman said "Actually we need to hurry... Jammy find Raddaman! We handle Dogzilla!" Haasman said

In the meantime while the group payed the attention to the fluwfy Dogzilla Jammy huried to one of the buildings

"I'm to big!" Jammy said "Let me do it!" Connor said while he used one of the shrink potions "Give me the sword! I'm going to break it!" Connor said while he took the sword and rushed inside.

“No one will hurt you, the town will be safe, The Dog is temporary... Who's there?!” Raddaman said

“I'm here to save you!” Connor said “Get away! I have a chocolate sword!” Raddaman said “You won't get this jewel! Nothi- “Radda said while the roof started to crumble...

“Good boy! You can also jump! Try jumping again!” Bram said

While the enormous dog jumped the basement started to crumble and almost collapse until something fell down which caught Raddaman his attention.

“Is that a kirby game?” He said while looking surprised “Might aswell check out whats happening up there!?” He also said in a worried speech while running back upstairs

While he was running upstairs outside Jammy picked up the tiny Raddaman and made him dizzy enough to drop the mind crystal “Shatter it Connor!” Jammy said while Connor aimed the sword at the crystal. Suddenly everything stopped and a flash changed everyone back to normal, There was no Dogzilla anymore Raddaman was normal sized again and Micropolis was safe again.

“Ugh my head” “Urgh I feel like a wet dog” Both Spook and Radda said to each other “They have changed back to their normal form!” Jammy said

“As suspected heroes, the spell has worn off those people they have returned to their normal form, you also broke another piece of my seal allowing me to freely speak to you. I Sidea have a question, could my freed part of my sould rest in the blade to aid you people in your quest?” Sidea said

“Sure!” The group said

Suddenly a light flew trough the blade and the blade flashed a bit making the changing the color from white to black

“Oh my, the blade is acting odd... But for freeing me from my second seal I will give information. The thing one of the strongest followers of Zardenia creator of the mind crystals and possesor of things, he can make a Zumbia out of any wanderer who fights against her Grace, simply said commander of the desert army, I even don't know what for shape he has. His powers might be even strong to defeat Zardenia but of course the Thing is her Grace her pet. And that all I have to say about the Thing we need to hurry to the third mind crystal which people were possesed?” Sidea said

“Well we already defeated Ur-Cia and freed Raddaman which else got a mind crystal at that very moment?” Haasman said

“Audrey” Connor said “And I have a feeling we have to act quickly”


Thanks for reading!  study

Because everyone is doing it


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Re: -x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 6# The cursed town

Post by The_Glitch on Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:24 am

Dun-Dun-DUUUUUUN anyways, that was a very good chapter, and I enjoyed reading it

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