-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 7# The Thing

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-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 7# The Thing

Post by Spookster on Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:06 am

Hey I made another Chapter, hope you enjoy!

-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 7# The Thing

"Yes... Very good the seal is weakening" a Voice said

"Of course queen! my plan went to work and even if these heroes will come here they're doomed!" Illander said

"You make a Illambris proud Illander... did you get the girl?" the voice said.

"Of course I did queen! Everything is going as espected!" Illander said

"I'm late! Forgive me Denia!" Sebonually said.

"Yessss... you shall be forgiven, is the plan working out? did you defeat them?" The voice said

"The heroes destroyed the second crystal... But they don't know a thing, I also have one of their friends... He shall tell us." Sebonually said.

"Yesssss very good Seb you've done me proud... Our next goal is to destroy the seal so we can resume..." the voice said.

"What are we going to do with this other "friend" of these heroes..." Sebonually said

"Fifi... Your next target is here... you have a temporary vessel... Show those heroes what your made off..." The voice said

After the heroes destroyed the mind crystal in Micropolis, the seal on Sidea weakened making her able to house herself in the sword, making her helpfull the group resumed now knowing where to go... Until they met a pair of police officers handing out wanted posters which looked like Audrey? What happened? Where was she heading? The group headed to the central police station to ask.

"Whats your bussiness here?!" A police officer said. "There's a case we need to finish! Stop bothering us!" He resumed. "We need to know where Audrey is! We saw posters around, is she causing chaos?" Haasman said too the police officer.

"You have arrived as espected... She went the too Zardenmuiden School... I waited for you all... Because you all are the only one who can stop the crystals... For you heroes... Are you fine with me searching for another mind crystal?" Ciabatta said "Yes we need to know where the others are... We only knew the location of three" Jammy said "Its settled then... Good luck heroes" Ciabatta said

When our heroes were walking on the road between Zardenmuiden and Spawnington they could the a small part of the cursed temple... Not far from it they saw a monster was heading at there direction.

"Blaaargh!" The monster said while attacking

"Its the Thing! hit him in the eye!" Sidea screamed from the sword

"GAH! It looks like a octopus!" Jammy said while slashing with the sword "Distract him!"

"Here fishy fishy!" Bram said at the monster "You like creeper?"

"I got him!" Jammy said while he shashed him in his eye though he was not yet defeating

"Blaaaagh! graaaagh!" The Thing screamed and started to summon Turns body and posses it...

"What is he doing? It looks like he's using his power to posses Turn!" Connor said "He's transforming him into a Zumbia!"

"Its a Zumbia! A Zumbia's weak point is its back!" Sidea screamed "If you attack it good enough he will be freed from the evil powers!"

"Blaaaargh! Glaaaaaaargh!" The Thing screamed and floated away.

"Ugh... hail her Grace... anyone in my way shall be defeated" The Zumbiafied Turn said while dark power gave him armour and a sword

"Distract him!" Jammy said too the others "I'm going to try hit the back! Use this old sword of mine to distract him I'll use the blessed sword on his back!" Jammy said while Haasman started to distract Turn

While the group worked together Jammy landed a blow on the Zumbified Turn destroying the armor and the spell

"Ugh what happened" Turn said "You were hypnotized by a monster you're probally all save now though" Connor said

"We need to head to that Zardenmuiden School quickly... before anything happens" Bram said

Thanks for reading  study

Because everyone is doing it


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Re: -x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 7# The Thing

Post by The_Glitch on Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:38 pm

Good chapter Spook Very Happy

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