-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 9# A pawesome visit to Glasgrow

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-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 9# A pawesome visit to Glasgrow

Post by Spookster on Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:46 pm

Hello everyone! Here's another Chapter! For the interested the very last chapter of the story will be Chapter 12 or 11... The end is comming near!

-x- The curse of the Temple -x- Chapter 9# A pawesome visit to Glasgrow

After a meetup with Illander and the third mind crystal at the Zardenmuiden School Audrey was freed from evil and teleported to a save place Illander also kidnapped most of the heroes when they were searching for the third mind crystal, though luckly the sword is still at the group and the location of the fourth mind crystal is known, yet one thing is still unknown what happened to the fifth and final mind crystal and who has it? The group wandered to the location said by Ciabatta which was Glasgrow town of the giants.

"I haven't even thanked you for destroying another piece of the seal... I'm now able to detect mind crystal aura's though I feel 2 different at the moment and they both confuse me, we should first destroy the one at glasgrow... I might be able to find the last one after that one" The sword spoke.

"No worries Sidea!" Connor said "We will help! Those pesky villains kidnapped the majority of us... Though we will save them, and defeat that rusty witch of a queen"

"Hey she's beau- I meant yes we will destroy that villain..." Sidea replied "I feel the desert invasion will start soon... We got to follow this path to Glasgrow"

"Are you feeling good Sidea? You sound worried..." Jammy said to Sidea "No I'm not worried... You are all doing fine... Lets go..." Sidea replied.

When the group arrived they saw that Glasgrow was in ruins not only that but they saw a Shadow hovering in the air... It was that wretched witch!

"YOU AGAIN! stopping Denia's plans once again! I'm busy destroying this abnormal town if you excuse me! YES I DID Transform a kitty cat in a monster for the fun of it! He's hunting down giants now! Its nature! Sebonually is amazed by nature! It if for I am Sebonually! Haha!" Sebonually said

"Its her again Jammy" Connor said "What should we do?!"

"Give up! Let us talk for a second" Sebonually said while she teleported everyone too a strange room. "You see? Denia is good I'm good and you are probally good too so lets make a deal... Give Sebo the sword... And all shall be forgiven I'm not evil nor willing to kill... Give me the sword and your friends will be freed..... You might even become commander in the desert army... Think about it... Denia's side... the queen won't kill or murder... Andrea in other eyes... She will become Zardenia... Denia needed a new body but a sacrafice was needed... You may choose... Life... Or death?" Sebonually said

"Is this it? She made a pretty good deal you know Jammy and Connor? We might be better on their side..." Sidea spoke from the sword

"No Sidea we can still win! And how? Now like this!" Jammy said while whispering at the sword

"Well thats a thing too... Sebonually... meet this!" Jammy said while she holded out a fake crystal.

"Yes! We already won! For this is a mind crystal! With one slash Sidea's magic will become much stronger and she blows you away!" Connor said

"Hehehehe Heroes! I won't be tricked by plastic toys, who is this Sidea your speaking off? Sounds like a evil witch... Who tries to work against her Grace... Well you have chosen the path of death... though punishment is a bit to harsh... Sebonually isnt just a minion... Sebonually is special... Special enough to punish those giants and tinies from living normal... They aren't normal her Grace asked me to destroy them... But you have said something that changed my opinion... Yes.... Giants of Glasgrow! I am Sebonually your savior Zardenia Illambris return is close! But these pesky rats are willing to destory the beautifull glasgrow!" Sebonually said while she used a bit of magic

"She's changing them all in Zumbia's!" Connor said

"Correct my friend... Sebonually is done with you all Micropolis is already destroyed... My cat minion will take care of glasgrow while the giants take care of you all! A perfect plan by a perfect being! And with that I'm gone! " Sebonually said while she dissapeared

"Whoah she teleported us right at the main square!" Connor said

"Yes she did... And those angry giants looking down at us isnt the nicest thing ever..." Sidea said


"It has happened... Run! I explain later" Sidea said while she sighed

"They are stomping around we are too slow!" Connor said

"Too slow? You saved Spawnington and Zardenmuiden!" A voice said from the sky "Its us Ciabatta and Audrey! We come to help you!" Audrey said

"Officers shoot but don't hit the Giants! Distract them!" Ciabatta said "Look for the mind crystals silly's!

"Yes we will thanks Audrey and Ciabatta!" Jammy said while she hurried with Connor to the residental north part of Glasgrow

"MEOOOOOOW!" Was heard troughout the street... What could it be? It was no other then the giant cat who was hunting down giants and destroying homes, the cat was all black with glowing eyes decorated with beautifull desert jewels.

"HISSSSSSSS!" The cat said when he spotted the group.

"Frostarium!" Sidea said while a cold wind surrounded the cat and froze its legs "Come on climb on it!" Sidea said while she used another spell to launch the group on the back of the cat.

"Hmm where would someone hide a crystal on a cat?" Connor said "And try to keep that cat from moving! I don't want to fall in this hair."

"Look at that crown Connor! You think its one of those zillions of crystals in that crown?" Jammy said

"Maybe we could try slashing it" Connor replied.

"Take this!" Jammy said while slashing the crown... But no effects

"Another time!" She tried again with failure

"Jammy and Connor... this crown is made of a precious unbreakable metal from the outside... I suggest going inside it..." Sidea said "Connor you know what to do... Enter the crown and find the crystal"

"Okay!" He said while he jumped of Jammy picked up the big sword and entered the crown.

"MEOOW!" The cat said while he shaked everyone off him.

"Oh no! Connor quickly!" Jammy said

"Alright this looks like a funky crystal inside this crown..." Connor said while he slashed it.

"Meoooow?" The cat said while he suddenly shrunk. "Bring us to Jammy!" Connor said "Yeah I'm doing it!" Sidea said

Wooosh! Sidea teleported Connor safely to Jammy... While the cat shrunk and lost most of it Jewels... he changed color and lost it glowing eyes... But fleed instantly...

"You did it Connor! Just like in Micropolis!" Jammy said.

"I must say you done good work... So that makes it four?" Audrey said while she landed in a air ship from the police station "Head on in... Ciabatta will bring you to someone who is trusted in bringing fortune..."

"Wel master... Your power is returning... And your almost free to live..." Illander said...

"Yes Illander you've done a amazing job... Are the prisoners doing wel?" A voice said

"Yes they are all in a seperate room... Unable to flee..." Illander said

"Denia I'm here! The damage done to Glasgrow is done... You should not fear the giants anymore..." Sebonually said

"Sebonually! You may think your special... But for queens sake fight these heroes yourself once!" Illander said

"Pardon? I made a monster 2 times... A dog and a Cat but they both failed me... as usual... so this is the next generation?" Sebonually said

"As it seems Sebonually... Do you mind if I try to destroy these heroes again?" Illander said.

"No go ahead... But bring the Thing with you... I have my own bussiness to do..."

"Very well Sebonually... They won't find the last crystal..." Illander said

"Oh no they really won't... Yes they won't..." Sebonually said


Thank you for reading study

Because everyone is doing it


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