-x- The curse of the temple -x- Chapter 11# The tree doors

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-x- The curse of the temple -x- Chapter 11# The tree doors

Post by Spookster on Fri Aug 29, 2014 2:50 pm

Hmm this chapter actually looks a bit bigger then I imagined

Hello everyone! Its time for another Chapter! BUT If you have been paying attention this is the last NORMAL Chapter!  Very Happy  After this one only the Finale is left... I can't wait!

Reporting any typo's or things that aren't clear are welcome

-x- The curse of the temple -x- Chapter 11# The tree doors

Our heroes have finally broken all the Mind crystals who possesed normal people... Most of the people who were cursed have joined the rebellion and were travelling on a airship, ready to help! Now our heroes need to finish the last step... Finding back the others... And slaying a demon...

"We have reached the pyramid!" Ciabatta said "Raddaman Spook Audrey the Cat and I will wait here until it is save! You both have done a amazing job... In the meantime we search for the fortune teller... Go defeat that queen and save the other heroes!" Ciabatta said.

"Master they have reached the temple! What do we do?" Illander said.

"Defend the crypt..." Zardenia said from her grave "Destroy the prisoners... Illander... I want Seb Fifi and you to each destroy one prisoner..." She also said.

"The pyramid! Lets enter the two said together "Look out a Zumbia!" Connor said while Jammy slashed with the sword "These Zumbia's don't stand a chance! Come on lets head downwards!" Jammy said

"Oof this path is blocked by a magical spell! Is that a crystal ball? Hey I can see Turn inside this! Wait is that the thing on the roof there?" Connor said.

"Ugh... My head hurts... Anyone here?" Turn said "This is probally some kind of spell Illander!"

"BLAAAAAAAAAAAAGH" Was heard troughout the chamber when The Thing fell down. "YOU AGAIN!" Turn said "THIS WILL BE OUR FINAL BATTLE!" Turn said while he picked up a sword from the ground

"BLAAAAAAGHHHH! Our queeeeen.... Heeeeeer... Kingdom... I muuuuuussssst destroy you.... With the powwwwwwer... offff evil..." The Thing said while he attacked with his tentacles.

"No way! NOT TODAY!" Turn said while charging into the Thing.

"Look Jammy the door opened and the crystal ball broke just when Turn charged into The Thing!" Connor said.

"No time to wait Connor lets go!" Jammy said while she ran further but yet... Stumbled against another crystal ball... And a magic blocked path... "Look its Bram! And he is on some kind of white ground!" Jammy said

"Ugh... Where am I? Why is everything so white?" Bram said

"Oh dear Bram... Everything won't be white for long... I will first beat you in a fair and square fight... Against the great Sebonually! Your friends are doomed now!" Sebonually said while she got a rapier "Fight me!! Our paths have crossed! Fight me!" Sebonually said

"Very well witch! I have my own weapon!" Bram said

"This won't take long... You have the honor by getting destroyed!" Sebonually said while She charged into Bram

Once again the crystal ball broke and the magical spell broke

"It happened again! Our friends are in big danger... Do you think Haas?" Connor said

"Yes... I see another crystal ball further in the path... I hope they win..." Jammy said while she started to look into the third crystal ball

"Dangit Illander! You won't get me this easy! Release me from your cage!" Haasman said

"So your still alive then boy?" Illander said while he walked towards Haasman

"What do you want? I HAVE A WEAPON!" Haasman said

"You want to fight... Very well" Illander said while transforming into a Dragon like creature "LETS SETTLE THIS FOR ONCE AND ALL! JUST LIKE I SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE BEGIN"

Yet again the crystal ball broke... But only this time... The other heroes were teleported to Jammy and Connor Was it real?

"Eugh... a odd lady in a cloak bringed me here..." Haasman said

"Me too!" Turn and Bram said

"A odd lady with a cloak? The fortune teller maybe?" Jammy said to Connor

"Hey how is Sidea?" Bram Turn and Haasman asked.

"You mean Zardenia's alter ego? Good trick of her to destroy the blade... She didn't succeed... Lets hurry down!" Connor said

When the group finally entered the last floor they saw Illander The Thing and Andrea... Who was laying on the floor

"You are a bit to quick heroes... The queen isnt back yet..." Illander said. "Instead the final phase of the reseruction will now begin..."

"ARISE MY DESERT QUEEN!" Illander shouted in the room while a small earthquake took place... And the crypt opened... Releasing a ghostly looking woman...

"Illander... Is this the next Illambris?" Zardenia said.

"Yes majesty... Please posses her... So we can see you again..." Illander said

"Very well..." Zardenia said while the ghostly spirit entered the body of Andrea

"Yesssss... Witness my rebirth... So you are these heroes? We already met didn't we? Sidea ringing a bell? No worries... Eternal possesing will be applied... Illander.... My old body... Make it beautifull again..." Zardenia said "Where's Sebo Illander?" Zardenia also said

"She said she was going to attack Spawnington queen... She has done incridible work" Illander said

"Very well heroes... Your choice... Life... or... Death?" Zardenia said


Thanks for reading

Because everyone is doing it


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