-x- The curse of the temple -x- FINALE Big sister

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-x- The curse of the temple -x- FINALE Big sister

Post by Spookster on Sun Aug 31, 2014 12:55 pm

Okay here's the Finale... I feel like my writing were getting worse and worse.

Though here's the finale! I hope you enjoy it!

And if you want more Denia I might make a forum Rp (After current ones are finished of course)

-x- The curse of the temple -x- FINALE Big sister

The missing heroes were found! After a mystery of crystal balls and doors, sadly the desert queen already set foot back in the world... What will happen next?

"Very well heroes... Your choice... Life... or... Death?" Zardenia said

"We would never give up!" The group said "Leave Andrea's body!"

"Dear Andrea... The desert princess... Andrea Vertunia... Sadly she could never achieve the ranks of queen... If I rule from her body... I will be beautifull once again... And the bloodline will be restored..." Zardenia said.

"What? SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE NEXT DESERT QUEEN?" The group said "Actually it makes sense now..." Connor said... "Zardenia never died... Meaning she still is a queen."

"Yessss... But first I will destroy these heroes... Illander Fifi! Do no harm! I will fight give me my staff!" Zardenia said.

"Yes queen! Of course!" Illander said.

"Very well FIGHT!" Zardenia said.

"Heroes! hold the sword infront of Zardenia! The sword will do the rest!" a unknown voice said.

"Very well!" Jammy said while she holded the blessed sword infront of the queen.

"AAAAAAAAAAAH! The light! I thought Sebonually took care of the sword!" Zardenia said while her spirit left Andrea's body.

"ILLANDER OLD BODY NOW!" Zardenia screamed while she entered her old body.

"Hah! You may have stopped my possesing but we will still fight! En garde!" Zardenia said

"Stop in the name of this land!" A voice said.

"Who are you?! Show yourself!" Zardenia said

"Me? You mean Us? We're the rebellion! The people who you possesed! Its me Ciabatta Spook Raddaman Audrey and this Cat!" Ciabatta said "Weapons down!"

"WHAT IS THIS FOR MADNESS? My staff won't work!" Zardenia said "Illander does your magic work?"

"Not at all queen!" Illander said "Someone is stopping our magic!"

"Denia..." A voice said

"Look its the fortune teller!" Connor said

"Denia... I have waited... Until the heroes finally had you to the point of defeat... Reconsider..." The fortune teller said

"NO! who might you even be!" Zardenia said

"Don't you reconize your of Sister... Your BIG Sister... The royal family should not be greedy and hateful" The fortune teller said.

"So? Sis? You helped these "Heroes" all the way to here?" Zardenia said

"Yes... By not being in the way... By giving a hero back... By not brainwashing a dogzilla... And never having a fight..." The fortune teller said

"Wait YOU ARE!!?!" The group said

"Yes... I'm it... Sebonually... Zardenia's sister... the one who have rescued the prisoners... Sister... We are part of a royal family give the next generation of queen to life! Let the desert kingdom regain its highness on a fair way!" Sebonually said

"You are making a point... But those terrible giants and tinies... You destroyed their homes... You will be forever guilty..." Zardenia said

"Magic saves people... The damage is repaired... We can life somewhere queit together and start a normal life sis... Andrea will do her job in ruling the kingdom... she might even ask you for help." Sebonually said

"You are right... Can we do the ceremony now Sebo?" Zardenia asked

"Yes sis... I'm sure these rebels and heroes will forgive you... And I am able to heal Andrea..." Sebonually said while healing Andrea.

"Heroes... You do forgive me and Illander? A queen can never let her people down..." Zardenia said.

"No problem! Forgiven! The heroes and rebels said.

"Very well... Let the ceremony start now..." Zardenia said... "I Zardenia Illambris Vertunia have chosen to pass the title desert queen to our current princess, Andrea Vertunia... You should be called Andrea Illambris Vertunia on now on... Your loyal minion Illander and Zordono will aid you whenever you need help... I Zardenia Illambris Vertunia shall no longer be called Illambris... And by this... Our new queen Andrea Illambris Vertunia is ready to be our queen." Zardenia said while she used a spell

"Peace at last..." Andrea said "Thanks Granny! I won't let you down!"

"Hey are you starting to call me Granny now? Hehe... I kinda like it" Zardenia said "Sebo... Lets go life somewhere save... And go find that hero who tried killing me earlier a heck of years ago..."

"Good idea Sis!" Sebonually said "Heroes thank you so much! I will teleport you out of the temple now! Andrea is fine! If you ever need me! Visit my hut in Windvalley! Thank you so much!"  Sebonually said

After Andrea became the new desert queen, Zardenia and Sebonually began searching for the old hero, and also living with peace at Sebonually's hut.

But what became of the heroes? Well their story is not even started! The rebels and heroes became great and mighty people they returned to their normal life, as like nothing happened!

"Alright kids here you go! I've told the whole story in just one night! Geez you kids love bedtime stories don't you?" Dad said

"Hehe! Thanks dad we can sleep now!" The kids said

"Alrighty sleep good kids... I can't wait until we are going on a tourist trip to castle Illambris...


Thanks for reading!

Because everyone is doing it


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