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Server poem!

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Server poem! Empty Server poem!

Post by HannahChi on Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:35 am

Server poem competition

You need to make a poem based on the server by the 1st of October. Rules apply

  • At least 3-5 poem lines or more.
  • Not offensive.
  • Does not use two of the same word to ryhme somthing.
  • Has to Rhyme.
  • Make sense.
  • Based on the server.
  • Easy to read.

Winner gets 1000 cheese!

A good example would be,

Bigsister server is the best,
We laugh and chuckle when we make a mess,
Cord is in her bunny slippers,
she has a cat she likes to call mittens,

in glassgrow we build and roleplay to,
no one wants to be 8x,
how about you?

Ciabatta loves her bread,
shes kind and funny,
she gave me a head!

We all cant wait for the christmas event,
because we all get gifts,
and we all love them.

i love this server it'll never end,
we welcome eachother,
like were best friends,

To end this poem i have to say,
happy birthday to cia,
have a nice day! c:

Your turn!! Very Happy Hurry before you run out of time!

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Server poem! Empty Re: Server poem!

Post by Ciabatta on Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:26 am

Awwww!!! That's so cute, thank you Hannah!!!  And what a great idea!!! Very Happy

Well I can't contribute myself, so here's a poem I found on one of my favorite blogs lately that I love and was hoping to eventually share... just for fun and education. .. ^^


‘Twas the night before statins, and all through the land
Our lipids were lethal, as we’d soon understand.
Our eggs were all stacked in the fridge with great care
In hopes they’d be scrambled, or fried if we dare.

The children were calm and well-fed in their beds,
While visions of sausages danced in their heads.
The dads, mostly lean, and wives often thinner
Had just settled down for a porterhouse dinner.

When out in the world there arose such a clatter,
They sprang from their plates to see what was the matter,
And what on the cover of TIME should appear,
But an arrogant scientist, peddling fear.

Cheers and belief from an ignorant press
Gave a luster of truth to the new, biased mess.
So away to the doctor we flew in a pack,
In hopes of a plan to end heart attacks.

He was dressed in all white from his neck to his butt
(which conveniently hid the size of his gut).
He sat us all down for a well-meaning chat:
“More carbohydrates — avoid all that fat!”

So sugars and starches we passed through our lips,
Only to wear them on bellies and hips.
Our hearts with their plaques continued to swell,
We grew diabetic and weren’t feeling well.

The doctor announced it was likely our fault –
We were, after all, still eating salt.
“But there’s no other option,” he said with a shrug,
And pulled out his pad to prescribe some new drugs.

“Now Crestor!  Now Zocor!  Then Lipitor next!
Now Lipex!  Now Lescol, and best take Plavix!
To the depths of the liver!  To the artery wall!
Force it down, force it down, foul cholesterol!”

Our appetites crazed, we soon looked like blimps.
Our children lost focus, our manhood went limp.
The doctor examined joints now wracked with pain
And concluded the patients were old or insane.

He chose Celebrix for muscles that ache,
And added Cialis to the drugs we should take.
“Now stick to your diet, and be of good cheer,
If this doesn’t work, I’ll do lap-band next year!”

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Server poem! Empty Re: Server poem!

Post by Spookster on Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:40 pm

Yaaaaaay I did a poem about the forum story I wrote a while ago and of course there are spoilers if you want to read it go here

It is that day the day of end
She awakes again just it doesnt suspend
Her beauty awakes in a light of fear
Stand in trance in her night of steer

Zardenia Zardenia there's no end
Illambris... It just doesnt suspend
Illander commander suggester and help
They will fight you to let you yelp

They got the baker... So young and kind
They corrupted her and made her devined
Though our heroes just saved her
The ghast defeated and anger deceived

Sebonually a woman of art
Yup a real woman from heart
Releasing a monster so high
Is the end really so nigh?

Sidea so nice
With her in your sword you slice
Up against the thing
Go ahead and swing

Back the School yet again
Time to calm down and do some yen?
A new principal has just been possesed
No no it really wasnt blessed...

A attack on the giants town
It did make a Cat frown
Hey Sidea is acting weird
Is she perhaps feared?

The last of the five
They meet a fortune teller in their hive
Climbing the highest tower
Sidea was just the bad flower...

Everyone has helped and the pyramid in
Sure they are going for the win...
Sebonually stops her sis...
Did her side miss?

Sebonually stop Zardenia at stand
Wait was this all planned?
Sebonually was fortune teller and helper from start
She always was pure from heart...

I hope you like it

Because everyone is doing it

Server poem! 76561198110414749

Server poem! QMDbbm3[/b]

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Server poem! Empty Re: Server poem!

Post by a4955 on Mon Sep 29, 2014 5:46 pm

OH crap, i'm bad at this, plus i've only been on this server for 2 days, so don't judge me. But for 1000 cheese? I'll stay up all night if i have to. OK, here we go.

The Gulliver Server, the big sister one.
There's just lots of people, you'll have lots of fun.

Not your average server, because you see,
with the Gulliver mod you're tiny as your knee!

Giants, micros, midgets and more.
And even a normal (even though that's a bore)

Barbary, Spawnington, DRC, Elysia,
Glasgrow, Riverside, Even an arena!

There's many others too, that's for sure!
But it just would not rhyme or sound good anymore

I'm sorry, it's not too good but it was fun to write!

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Server poem! Empty Re: Server poem!

Post by Sponsored content

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