Radda's Emoticomics!

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Radda's Emoticomics!

Post by Raddaman8000 on Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:15 pm

I've decided to use my -extremely limited- free time to create little cartoons in what some call ASCII format.  I just call them really complex emoticons, but that's just me. Wink You guys can request ideas for me to do, too, so feel free to comment. ^_^

Heres a little example from the top of my head:

The Creeper

/[ ._.]/--) |#| *dig dig*

[:c]===E <(ssssssss...)

\[O.o]/ <(Yipe!)

L[ O_o]--|)    >-->   [8C]===E *pew*

/['-_-]\ <(phew...)    >--[Xc]===E

<(sssssssssss...) /['O_O]\


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