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TheGrimRipper96 Banned

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TheGrimRipper96 Banned

Post by Ciabatta on Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:17 am

Grimm is hereby permanently banned after numerous consistent attempts to disrupt the peace of the server and flaunt several of our Responsibilities asked of him.  They are as follows



1. Please read all Rights and Responsibilities.
It was my suspicion that he did not read any of our documentation, and in fact one of his final indignations to me was that he saw no reason to read forum posts (and by extension blog posts and guides) since he never had to do so on any other server.  We are of course not like any other server, so in keeping with his habit of wrongly assuming, he wrongly assumed that this was tolerable behavior.

2. Please be courteous to your fellow players on our server.
Though Grim has been friendly with some of our players, he was also extremely combative, dramatic and defensive against players who he felt did not respect him, and was not below making a scene and disrupting the peace in order to protest against this.  This included Kiba, SNES (prior to his own offense), and myself since I do count as a player.

3. Please be courteous to Staff, and observe their instructions should they give you any.
It goes without saying that Grim failed miserably in this respect with me, and would at times be resistant to follow instructions from other staff members such as Shad or Flamm. As with CaptainDiggens, Grim was obsessed with his own pride, and seemingly acknowledged every suggestion or order with a complaint, whine, snarky remark, or a demand to have the right to mutually insult staff. Other players have voiced similar concerns, but calmly, politely, logically and humbly, and thus were more successful at getting things changed or improved.

4. Please refrain from asking players and Staff for frequent favours and gifts – self­sufficiency and independence are virtues.
Grim demanded unconditional respect, failing to realize that respect is earned, not owed. To date, I'm not sure if this was due to his own unique personality flaw, or if he felt the mental illnesses he admitted to having on his application somehow granted him additional privileges over other players, despite his own personal assurances that this would never be a problem.

5. Please refrain from asking players and Staff non­stop questions that can be construed as annoying.
Complaints, and questions of a complaining nature, essentially characterized Grim's time here, and slowly and steadily chipped away at our opinion of him.

6. Please refrain from the act of griefing or vandalism on private property, as well as wholesale destruction of public property.
On his first day he participated in an act of inappropriate vandalism on my giga statue near Glasgrow. He has since apologized for this act, but originally saw fit to lay the entire blame on Mario (which may be true, but I expected more from an older player), and wrongly assumed that a few minor niceties on the server would clear away any memory of this heinous act, and grant him unconditional admiration and respect.  It may have, but not in combination with all the other indiscretions he's accumulated since then.

10. Please refrain from frequent and blatant acts of vigilantism against offending players.  Record useful evidence of crimes being perpetrated, and inform the authorities if you wish to help.
Grim refused to use the Support Thread to report SNES' trespassing incident, and instead opted to take justice into his own hands questionably, and with little regard to the peace and tranquility of other players. He may have had some right to remove SNES' original offending property, but not any time after that.  He also suggested the removal of other people's property in the way of his preferred building site for a new town, not realizing the hypocrisy of contemplating a similar transgression as SNES.

11. Please refrain from creating builds or items of a lewd and vulgar nature, unless specifically permitted by Staff in a controlled, isolated environment.
In line with the infraction of Novice Right 6, I consider the act of vandalism to be of a lewd and suggestive nature given Grim and Mario's inclinations, and the fact that this occurred on his first day when the law of the land may not have been altogether clear. While Mario is equally guilty for this incident, he has apologized, single-handedly repaired the damage, and has been comparatively smarter and mature enough to not test my patience after that incident. Understanding my own grievances and learning to work with them (or at least around them) is the reason why Mario is still here and able to enjoy our server.

19. Please avoid breaking rules of conduct on our official server forum, as bad behaviour in that external site could lead to punitive action on our server.
Grim's attempt to stir up drama on the forum was essentially the straw that broke the camel's back...and this is excluding all the deviant behavior exhibited via private messages which I cannot share here for privacy reasons, but largely shapes my disrepect for him.

20. Please help keep the atmosphere on our server peaceful, laid­back, exhilarating, appreciative and fun.
Given all of the above, this has been infringed upon on numerous occasions.


3. Please do not take for granted the trust the Staff has placed on you – continue to obey and respect the rules, and avoid any actions against them, either in­game or off, that may be interpreted as manipulative, coercive, or of a threatening or harassing nature.
Again, infringed upon on several occasions, but especially yesterday when at the height of indiscretion, he saw fit to issue me a threat via private message; even in his last forum post, his disdain and snide sarcasm was untransparent.

4. If you do not get your way due to incursions of #3 above, do not devolve into slander, murder, stealing, griefing, rioting or drama as acts of revenge.  We will do our best to resolve your grievances, but we can only give you so many benefits of the doubt and second chances.
Given all of the above thus far, it is a remarkable act of patience on our part that he has survived for this long, and speaks volumes to our attempts to TRY and resolve issues peacefully before relying on force.  Though this causes the eventual fall from grace to be painful for all sides, at least it makes the decision to ban clear and justifiable.

5. Please refrain from excessive bragging, condescension, bullying or other acts meant to show your dominance over other players; this is childish and punishable by the Staff if it gets out of hand.
As with Speeder, Grim never seemed content to have me be the server owner (or, in his own words, "the highest authority") as he never failed to challenge my authority at any opportunity he could, and selfishly put his own pride and well-being over the feelings and sensibilities of others, including myself.  He demanded respect, but he never did anything to earn that respect, nor was he eager to extend respect in return (certainly not in a publcly-acceptable way).

6. Please observe the Staff hierarchy, and avoid requesting of Moderators or Owners favours or 
services that can be easily provided by Deputies or Commissioners.
Except until very recently, Grim had a terrible habit of bypassing our entire command structuring and affixing himself to me to resolve all his problems and resolve all his alleged grievances.  While players who are kind, courteous and rule-abiding do have the option to do so if they are comfortable talking to me, those who are not would do well to avoid unnecessary contact with me as it only exposes offenses punishable without due process.  In short, if a person has messed with me before and survived to tell the tale, they would do well to not mess with me again -- sadly, a lot of former players with an overly-proud disposition fail to acknowledge this bit of common sense.


That concludes my assessment of this banning incident. Apologies to all players who may have been friends or acquaintances with Grim, or had any outstanding tasks from him which will remain unfinished (though we will be willing to compensate you whenever appropriate).

Thank you.

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