[FLAVOR] 2014-01 - Snapshot Sensation

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[FLAVOR] 2014-01 - Snapshot Sensation

Post by Ciabatta on Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:51 am

Hello all.

January 2014 is when Little Brother came online, before any kind of voting mechanism was around to decide its mod arrangement.  So this month's arrangement is a quick provisional one that will get everyone used to the new side server...

  • The server runs vanilla Minecraft Snapshot 14w02c - please create a new profile that enables development snapshots in order to play here.

  • The map is the original vanilla world auto-generated by this installer
  • All mods and owners, except Ajj who willingly forfeited the power, carryover their Opped powers onto this server.
  • The server is a pure, merciless survival server.
  • No PvP, griefing or stealing restrictions are currently in place, so treat this as a wild wild west server. Moderators will only enforce extreme misconduct with bad or indecent language, and other unlawful behavior.
  • Demolition Day is scheduled for January 31, 2014.

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