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Support Ticket Guidelines

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Support Ticket Guidelines

Post by Ciabatta on Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:27 am

Hello all,
For the sake of delegation, our resident lizard mod ShadowScale has helped draft a list of guidelines that can help you post a proper report.  Please read through it and try to adhere to it as much as possible when submitting griefing, stealing or murder reports.

Thank you!  Smile

ShadowScale wrote:
Before you start laying down the accusations Phoenix Wright Style, there are a number of things you should consider before even starting the first word of the report. Like in a court case, accusations must be backed up with as much evidence and information as possible. The more good-quality information you can provide, the clearer the situation will be to the mods, and the easier it will be for them to act on this evidence, wielding it as an effective weapon against the accused.

In your report, you should describe what you were doing when you discovered the infringement, who was involved, what happened in detail, and what you did to prevent it (if you were able to), backing it up with screenshots, video, chat logs, or any visual aids that could help the mods ensure that the accused is guilty.

To give you an idea of what your post should look like, you can follow the guide below, omitting any sections that you can't provide information for:

  • An Overview of the situation

    Here you should describe in detail what actually happened when you discovered the infringement, and the aftermath of it (if it's relevant). You should try and describe exactly what was stolen, broken or who was harmed during these events, in order for the mods to be able to fix it afterwards. Screenshot evidence of high-level stolen gear will need to be provided, in order for them to be returned, so you should always have those handy before issues arise.

  • Witnesses

    Here you will name anyone who may have witnessed the event take place or helped you out during the event. You may also name everyone that was online at the time here, as it may help narrow the suspects down in certain cases.  However, you should separate these from the witnesses like in the example below:

    Witnesses: MrFlameguy, SomeRandomDude
    Online Players: MrFlameguy, SomeRandomDude, TimmyGoRacing, Charleston

  • Evidence

    Here you will include any evidence you have of the event, including but not limited to:

    Screenshots: you can hit Printscreen and paste into Paint to save it as an image, or you can use a dedicated screen printing app on your computer.  Free programs like Gyazo and Dropbox can save these images automatically and allow you to share them with others, so these are recommended.

    Video: Free software programs like Fraps can let you record high quality video very quickly, but they do produce videos of very large file sizes, so please use this sparingly. If you are able to get video of the griefer in action, this will be incredibly helpful to our review, as it is almost indisputable if you are able to catch him/her in the act.

    Chat Logs: Tabbychat has an option to save chat logs automatically, so you should take full advantage of this feature as it can server as good evidence against player infractions.  This is especially true if the player's communication skills are very poor or offensive. However, if you are not able to record these conversations, then please mention the time of day when the offense occurred, and a mod can look this up in the official server chat log.

Please note that we may still ask you questions after you've post your report, just to validate certain facts -- however, if your evidence is very solid, chances are we will not have to do this.

And if you are posting a report of any kind, allow me to personally thank you for doing your part in keeping the server safe for everyone.  Without people like you, the server would not be nearly be as fun and enjoyable to play on. =]

Thank you for reading and I hope you can catch those gosh dang varmints! =]

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Lost Item

Post by FlowerFaerie on Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:15 pm

Although this is not a crime, spook suggested I post this here. I recently found a "Director's Vest" in spawn near the dungeon hub teleport button. I heard that it belongs to ShadowScale, and spook told me that ShadowScale had created it.

The "Director's Vest" has Protection V, Feather Falling II, Fortune I, -2 Max Health, +0.05 speed, +1 Zombie Reinforcements, and is made of leather dyed blue. It has a description saying that it is given to players that have created and posted an online video promoting the server.

I did not want to keep it, but I wanted to give it to the original owner. Thank you!

~FlowerPower Faerie :smotherhug:

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Re: Support Ticket Guidelines

Post by a4955 on Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:09 pm

Oooh, I was planning on making some kind of video as well! Now I have even more incentive. =)

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Re: Support Ticket Guidelines

Post by Sponsored content

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