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Killerdud9 Banned Permanently

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Killerdud9 Banned Permanently

Post by Ciabatta on Sat Jan 10, 2015 1:00 am

Killer has been temp-banned twice...

...and gotten away with straddling a fine line between being barely tolerable and a menace to this server.  For all intents and purposes, it is truly a mirale of patience on our part that he's last this long with us.  

However, since trying to shoehorn his friend Paullam onto our server for his own selfish reasons this last bit of patience has been wearing away, as his friend was quite clearly a trouble-maker, griefer, troll and all-around troubled young man as evidenced by his insults, immature taunts, his creepy obsessiveness, his delusion of doing absolutely no wrong, and at least 4 to 5 attempts to use alternate accounts and IGNs to try to get whitelisted (being stupid enough to believe we wouldn't notice).  Killer was rightfully shamed by the actions of his friend who clearly admitted that he would gladly throw him under the boss in order to get on our server himself.  Even so, despite being fully responsible for this mess, we still did not ban Killer since he had little control over his psychotic friend.

But the last straw occurred today when Paullam, by either usurping Killerdud's computer or account or IP access, was able to get on Dynmap, and stalk our active players while spewing his usual idiocy and melodrama....

09.01 17:28:19 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: hi
09.01 17:28:30 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: im not killer!
09.01 17:28:38 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: im just looking at the dyn map
09.01 17:28:42 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: im a random person
09.01 17:28:56 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: im not joking i swear
09.01 17:29:06 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: i am NOT killerdud9
09.01 17:29:18 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: im a random guy looking at the dyn map
09.01 17:29:31 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: idk why it says im killerdud9
09.01 17:30:33 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: im stalking all of u
09.01 17:30:50 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: hi
09.01 17:30:59 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: idk any of u xD
09.01 17:31:08 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: LOL
09.01 17:31:39 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: wow this server looks awesome
09.01 17:31:57 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: i wish i could join
09.01 17:32:19 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: i cant cuz im not whitelisted
09.01 17:32:42 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: im looking on the dyn map
09.01 17:32:58 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: and once again im NOT killer
09.01 17:33:21 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: i whjitelisted but cia told me to wait till JULY idk why she hates meh
09.01 17:33:38 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: i did nithing wrong
09.01 17:33:51 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: xD
09.01 17:33:56 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: shes mean to ppl
09.01 17:34:55 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: is _Cordelia an OP
09.01 17:34:57 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: or admin
09.01 17:35:07 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: is she on
09.01 17:35:18 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: oh
09.01 17:35:34 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: ik O_o
09.01 17:35:54 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: get on da server
09.01 17:36:13 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: cia just told me to wait till July
09.01 17:36:54 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: hi cord Razz
09.01 17:37:35 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: who is this killer guy!?!?!??!??!
09.01 17:37:58 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: it says im  killer and IM NOT the dyn map no like me
09.01 17:38:18 [Server] INFO [WEB] killerdud9: bye
09.01 17:39:08 [Server] INFO [Banned player killerdud9]

Since this was directly or indirectly permitted by Killerdud himself who had full control to stop this, we can no longer trust Killerdud to keep Paullam away from anything having to do with our server.  He will have to take full responsibility for his actions for having officially failed to uphold Rights and Responsibilities expected of him, most recently by disrupting the peace.

Killerdud9 is now officially banned from this server, with no opportunity for parole prior to January 15, 2016; and his friend is never welcomed here on this server ever again.

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