Cay Day crypt?

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Cay Day crypt?

Post by Spookster on Sat May 16, 2015 1:46 am

Hey everyone! Happy Cay Day!!!

However when enjoying cay day and counting the amount of bones I had I found a pretty odd note stuck in a pretty pink bone saying. "Dear Skeletor brother, we are having a party for the leader Cay, they call it Cay Day or something I do not know what that is but I found it a perfect moment to do incredible bad and evil skeleton stuff. You can find our hideout west of the Step on Inn alpha you can't miss it. Hope to see you there! - Brother Skeletron"

So yeah I don't have any idea what that might be... Maybe the skeletons have special loot or something? Or what if they stole Cay's presents?! This is where you guys could help come in action! Lets find this crypt raid it of all its custom loot drops XD and not even feel bad about it lol.

Because everyone is doing it


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