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Humanity's End - Forum Interactive Adventure - Prologue

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Humanity's End - Forum Interactive Adventure - Prologue

Post by Adamsuper2002 on Sat May 23, 2015 1:29 pm

And at that moment every family leaned in closer towards their televisions. People from all over the world watched as the three astronauts boarded The Atlantis, a space shuttle set for a manned mission outside the Sun’s sphere of influence. It was a huge shuttle and the first to take humankind this far out. Today was launch day, and all schools and banks were closed. The astronauts quickly boarded the shuttle, ready to take orders from Mission Control. The voice boomed out of the speakers in the shuttle, ‘Oxygen?’ The first astronaut replied into a microphone ‘Check!’. The voice from Mission Control continued, ‘Pressure?’ It was basic “before launch” procedure. After they checked everything was working, which took half an hour, they proceeded to start the launching sequence. It was just like in the movies. A great countdown happened. Some people moved in so close, that they fell off their sofas. They couldn’t see anything so they waited for the familiar voice from Mission Control. They heard a low rumble and a voice from the TV said, ‘We have lift off!’ and the world exploded with cheers. Bottles of wine were opened, and people would be partying until night. It was a different situation up in the shuttle above though. The astronauts had to think quick. They has a slight problem on their hands. They used a lot more fuel then needed for lift-off. Plus there was a miscalculation, and they were now headed for the moon. There was a small refuelling station on the moon, but they doubted it was enough to fill the tank up to full after exiting Earth’s atmosphere. They could go back and try refuelling to full again, but anti-rocket systems could have been switched on by now. The people at Mission Control were too busy celebrating to inform them.  They scratched their heads at what to do…
That’s where you come in! Vote for what you think is the best option for the characters to take, I close voting after 2 weeks and write the next part based on what you vote. Good Luck in your adventures traveller!

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