CreativeBrain10 Tempban

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CreativeBrain10 Tempban

Post by HannahChi on Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:45 pm

Creative has been tempbanned for the following reasons:

-Disrespecting Staff
-Ignoring instructions from Staff
-Disrespecting players by Spamming in the chat
-Killing players without their consent
-Insulting builds eg Spooks Dungeon
-Keeps staff on edge by constantly "joking" about cheating and using mods to give him an unfair advantage over his fellow players.

This violates:

Responsibility 3. Please be courteous to Staff, and observe their instructions should they give you any.

Responsibility 4. Please refrain from asking players and Staff non­stop questions that can be construed as annoying.

Responsibility 10. Please refrain from frequent and blatant acts of vigilantism against offending players.  Record useful evidence of crimes being perpetruated, and inform the authorities if you wish to help.

Responsibility 20. Please help keep the atmosphere on our server peaceful, laid­back, exhilarating, appreciative and fun.

Responsibility 3. Please do not take for granted the trust the Staff has placed on you – continue to obey and respect the rules, and avoid any actions against them, either in­game or off, that may be interpreted as manipulative, coercive, or of a threatening or harassing nature.

Responsibility 5. Please refrain from excessive bragging, condescension, bullying or other acts meant to show your dominance over other players; this is childish and punishable by the Staff if it gets out of hand


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