Micropolis 2.0 Opening!

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Micropolis 2.0 Opening!

Post by Raddaman8000 on Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:40 pm

Micropolis 2.0 is now open for residence!  Feel free to come down whenever you like!  TP Hub warp is on the lower floor, all the way in the back left corner.  Towers/homes cost anywhere from 100 cheese to 220 cheese.

Back when I was making the first Micropolis, I remember having made a forum post to advertise it, and it got really popular.  So, I'm using cheap advertising tactics and doing it again for my new town! tongue

Things that are the same:

  • Indoor pools! (They were our biggest selling point last time, so we kept them in!)
  • The radio station! (TINY FM is back and ready to rock 'n' roll again!)

Things that are different:

  • Bigger roads! (Optimized for x8 tourists!)
  • Bigger towers! (More interior space for personalization!)
  • A new super-tower! (Look down upon giants!)
  • Cars? (These are actually a safety feature, no more accidental crushings!)

Things that still need to be added:

  • We still need an exotic giant nature park.
  • I'm planning on adding suburbs when downtown begins to get too full.
  • I need shop ideas.
  • I might create a new bat-port. (Does anyone still fly bats?)
  • Any other suggestions?

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