Cancellation of Plans

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Cancellation of Plans

Post by Ciabatta on Sun Nov 01, 2015 11:30 pm

Hello all,

Well it is with a heavy heart that I have to write this, but effective immediately, all work on the Parallel Server will immediately cease and slowly be withdrawn from Little Brother.  Although I had this concern for about a month now, especially given the technical difficulties I did encounter with Forge Essentials, plus the enormous costs of duplicating the same specs of Big Sis on Little Brother, plus the many time constraints I ended up facing, plus the various complaints I received from people who didn't want the server divided and its identity disrupted... it was a personal family tragedy a few weeks ago that kind of jump-started a personal realization that I need to rethink how I spend my free time.  I've devoted a lot of time and energy to being a server owner, more than I should or even can afford at times, and sadly I don't want this to fully interfere with living my own life.  And so the last thing I need is to be sucked into a new project that would have CLEARLY involved extra effort in order of magnitude far greater than operating Big Sis, which most of my Staff at this point can already handle. 

And so as much as I hate to let down the biggest supporters of the Parallel Server project, it simply cannot be a priority for me anymore, and so it has to be shelved now before we get more personally invested in this.  At best, we will use what we learned as training for the day when Gulliver DOES update to a later Minecraft version, and my Staff would need to deal with the intricacies of 1.7/1.8 Forge Essentials.

So what does this mean for us?  Well given that the Parallel Server was not officially announced (as in on my blog), this will be quietly scuttled as if it were some big thought experiment.

What does this mean on a technical level?  Please see below...

  1. Currently LB is using the same server package as Big Sis up to the end of the year.  I will see if I can get that downgraded to the base package ($1.99 a month, or $19.99 a year) so we can keep it around as a test server for my Staff.

  2. If the above isn't possible, we may throw one final Flavor for old time's sake, and then transition to the test server status in January.

  3. I will leave it up to my Staff as far as how to use this test server when it's not used for testing -- although chances are it can be used as a limited RP server or Creative server for Vanilla Minecraft 1.8/1.9 (but this is just a thought).

  4. Little Brother would still be around in name, but it will serve a pure supporting role to Big Sis -- Big Sister will now become our pure dedicated server.

  5. Because of this, I am also abandoning the Ark project since we will no longer be importing to the Parallel Server, and I no longer know when we can upgrade to a 1.7 world before the end of our mandate next year. 

  6. Since the Ark is terminated, I am now expanding the World Border to cover a full square from x-8191 z-8191, to x8181 z8191.  This will more than double the available buildable and explorable area outside the Ark, and is free for everyone to explore, mine, build roads to and establish towns in.  A lot of this area is water, but that presents new opportunities to easily import new areas from other mods such as Biomes O Plenty (islands are always easier to import than mainland features).  All existing towns and structures built outside the Ark will no longer be moved into the Ark, and are now legal and official and no longer in risk of being left behind with any import.

  7. Since Big Sis is now cemented as our one true home, I will work to train my Staff further to perform more advanced roles so that I won't be needed for specialized things (such as item transfer after a name change, or biome imports using MCEdit).

  8. And as a result of all this, I will be ramping down my participation on the server itself, hoping to only drop by and play about twice or thrice a week on average, while I pick up new pastimes IRL.  I will still be on the forum and available to chat, but I have to start focusing on other things.

And that should be all for now. I want to both apologize and thank all those who were very supportive of me with the Parallel Server, and I also want to equally thank those honest enough to share their concerns about the project.  Everything offered has helped me make this very sound and fair decision that I think will benefit lots of people, including myself.  ^^

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