More Server Memory

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More Server Memory

Post by Ciabatta on Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:50 pm

Hi all!

This is just an FYI that, per Lom's recommendation, and after seeing a Cyber Monday sale on server storage on Bisect Hosting, our providers, I was able to effectively more than DOUBLE the amount of system RAM our server has.  This should not only reduce or eliminate lag, but it should also provide us with support for up to 100 people!  [even though historically we've never gone over 25] XD

Our former package was Premium Package 4, with 2GB of RAM and support for 40 people, at $18 a month (plus a 10% annual discount).  The new discounted server packages is Premium Package 10, with 5GB of RAM and support for 100 people, at $22 a month (plus a 10% annual discount). This pretty much comes to only $20-ish extra month and a WHOLE lot less headaches!

Please feel free to check the server out and provide feedback as far as prevalence of lag spikes or lack thereof compared to how it was before.  Smile


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