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Post by Ciabatta on Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:28 pm

Hello all!

So you might be wondering what the heck this is.  Smile
Basically, we had a vision for the future... a vision where we can have a fully open-source, incrementally-designed, experimental mod which we can all use to learn how to program Minecraft mods.  This can be based on the latest and greatest Minecraft 1.10.x, and help those of us who are complete n00bs to learn how to program or do artwork for Minecraft modding or do testing or code-cleanup or bug-squashing or tutorial-writing and so on.  =D

Of course, as I just stated, we're all essentially n00bs (except for those few of you who aren't), so we do have to start small, and this is where the beauty of this open approach lies.  We will focus on creating our core experimental mod with small, easy-to-achieve goals that are realistic and can help us overcome small obstacles in a relatively short time frame.  In doing so, we all learn how this is achieved from each other, and can either continue to expand on additional goals, or we can branch off into other builds based on the original goal.  For example, if we were to create a taco block, we would focus on learning how new blocks are made in Minecraft, we would then try to use that knowledge to program the new taco block in, after receiving texture assets from our artist, and then our testers could try it out to find and squash any bugs. Once this is completed, we can move on to a secondary goal (maybe creating a taco tree?), while other curious players may decide to use the knowledge of block creation to instead work on personal micro projects, such as ramen blocks, sushi blocks, sandvich blocks, celery blocks or pizza blocks!

So there will be plenty of things that everyone can do and contribute in, and plenty of fun awaiting us as we basically play our hand in a little development work, and make it fun and invigorating in the process!  Alone we are nothing, but together we are amazing!! Happy Cia


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Re: Introduction

Post by bravewolf11 on Tue Jul 19, 2016 11:30 pm

and thus, a great mod was born! Very Happy

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