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RE: Whitelist applications

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RE: Whitelist applications

Post by Walter Giulio on Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:42 am

1) What is your Minecraft username (or "IGN")?
my username is " WalterGiulio "

2) Please explain why you would like to join the server
I would like to join in the server for play gulliver mod online and help. Smile
When i saw for the first time the gulliver mod I went immediately on youtube for
see what it was, and I really liked this mod, so I started to search on the web a server with this mod; but nothing until I found the best server with gulliver mod:
The big sister server, I sow the trailer,the forum and now I'm writing this letter for join. plz i really want to join in this server

3) Please explain how your talents, skills, experience, personality traits, and aspirations can help contribute positively to our server.
I've been playing minecraft for 5 years and I love build a lot of things ad explore the worlds. I like very much talking with people on servers and help others Very Happy
Please list five random facts about yourself that can help differentiate you from other players.
-I now everything of gulliver mod
-I live in Italy
-I love minecraft
-I hate grieffing
-i like music

5) To ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities on our server, please read the Novice's Creed, and write down one right or responsibility that you enjoy the most.

the likes of which have never before been seen by any man, woman, child, or pigman! You want to befriend all and be loved by all.6) And finally, to confirm that you read the Big Sister Server Quick Guide please write down the name of the official server currency.

Again, we just need to make sure you opened the guide and can find the answer to this very simple question.
cheeezy !!!!

Hopefully the information you need has been provided to you in the most clear and detailed way possible, but if you have any questions or are unsure about something, feel free to ask us first before submitting your application.
Thank you and good luck!
Walter Giulio

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Re: RE: Whitelist applications

Post by Pazlin on Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:23 pm

Please, sir, keep your applications in the application page, do not post it elsewhere.

I know you've been waiting for quite a while, but please be patient, sooner or later the staffs will review your application.

Have a good day.

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