Career/Job/Resume/Interview Assistance

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Career/Job/Resume/Interview Assistance

Post by Crabcake on Wed Mar 11, 2015 8:20 pm

I am making this topic in hopes to help anybody with researching their desired career and simulating experiences like interviews and any type of social experience related to that which can vary depending on vocations.

Help creating a resume of an acceptable format and advice on how to make it look more appealing to the people that will be looking at it.

Help finding a career (NOT A JOB) to work forwards to by using interests, skills, and possibly behavior to find.

I'm willing to provide mock interviews over Skype or steam voice chat but personal information should not be provided by any parties involved. This includes the resume. Resumes would have a phone number, address, and other very personal means of contact. All personal information will be prohibited.

Now with all that aside, please post any questions or feel free to PM me for assistance! I am more than willing to give all that I can to help research or prepare you for the times ahead!


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