The 2016 Easter Egg hunt!

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The 2016 Easter Egg hunt!

Post by Spookster on Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:45 am

Hello everyone! Banana day has just passed and suddenly some weird eggs started to appear everywhere! This means that the Easter egg hunt can be started Very Happy!

This year there are 20 eggs scattered around Big Sister. Some in simple places and some in the most weirdest and hard to reach spots, make sure to read the hints carefully!

What can you win? Well for the people who can find atleast 5 different eggs... A cool prize! However you can get another prize if you find 10 different eggs! And if you want to complete this entire event, try and find 15 different  eggs! (There's isn't anything for 20 different  eggs though ^^)

Now you might be asking "How do I find a egg?!?!" Well, head to Easter island! You can teleport there with the temporary egg teleporter right at spawn. Here you can find all 20 hints! Have fun!

Because everyone is doing it


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