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Super's RP box

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Super's RP box

Post by MoaOxii on Sat Jul 30, 2016 5:01 pm

OKAY! So. RP story time.

This will be a fantasy-like RP. 'Cause fantasy is cool.

Story time!:

It all takes place in a small village near a forest. Everything is fine, everyone is having a good time. Then one day, an evil force rose to power, bent on destroying everything in sight, then building upon it. The village was destroyed and lots of the townsfolk were slaves to the evil force. Some managed to escape, but were quickly found. But one group of people managed to escape and not be found for months, and that's our team.

Rules to character making:
1. At least have 1 character flaw.
2. Have around 2-3 characteristics.
4. IF you have powers, restrict them to at least 2. We don't want any mary sues running around don't we?

Character making base:

Character Flaws:

My character I will be RP'ing as:

Name: Azelia
Age: around 20 to 21
Gender: Female
Height: 52ft 5in
Personality: She's a very gentle person, someone who just does not like fighting. She tries to break up arguments or fights. She's a pacifist after all.
Character Flaws: She's a very shy person. She's can't really control her emotions.
Talents: She's very fast on her feet, making it hard to hit her.
Powers: Ability to freeze everything when she's in danger with the help of her pendant.
Other: toast

(still need to come up with a name for this.)

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Re: Super's RP box

Post by Asonja_Masenko on Sat Jul 30, 2016 5:11 pm

I'll give this a shot.

Name: Mystery Man, A.K.A Ziko
Age: 255
Gender: Other
Height: Varies, but mainly 5 foot 4 inches. Max is about 60 feet.
Personality: Isolating, and prefers to be alone by others. Very quiet and often mute.
Character Flaws: Has a very sensitive side and can be very vulnerable in fights
Talent: Claims to have none, but they are unknown.
Powers: Very weak Sizeshifting, and dragon shapeshifting
Appearance: Dark clothing, usually covering himself with a black trench coat.

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My Wonderful Character By: spirit_wolf_

Post by spirit_wolf_ on Sat Jul 30, 2016 5:30 pm

Name: Levi
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Height:5ft 3in
Personality:Levi is extremely kind, loves nature, and is a joyful person. They want to be friends with absolutely everything and everyone. Also he can be very helpful intelligence whys like coming up with a strategy.
Character Flaws:He can be a bit nervous in a middle of a fight, is very emotional like he can go from happy to angry in a matter of seconds if you get on his bad side and he sometimes tries to be the main character. Also they are not very fast.
Powers:He can heal is allies with his staff that he ALWAYS carries from tiny wounds to almost resurrection (don't worry he cant) But the bigger the wound the more energy he uses.
Appearance:He has lavender hair, Grey eyes, average weight, wears a flower crown, Has a white sweatshirt on, black pants, brown shoes, and he carries his staff which is completely white and has vines wrapping around it.

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Re: Super's RP box

Post by Stank34 on Sat Jul 30, 2016 6:24 pm

Name: Jackson
Height: Fluctuating (from 60ft to 4 inches)
Personality: "Don't trust anything." were his parent's last words. He does not trust anything, but has a caring nature inside. He is a loner.
Character Flaws: He can't control the fluctuation of his size(yet). He also can't work with others well, due to his personality.
Talent: Stealth
Powers: He has clothing and weapons that change sizes as he does, making it versetile always. He has the ability to randomly change size, but can master this ability later.
Appearance: Aquamarine eyes, Black hair, Blue jeans, Aquamarine and White sneakers, Mostly Black hoodie jacket, with aquamarine tints here and there.
Other: Can be taught trust again


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Re: Super's RP box

Post by BurgerWarrior on Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:52 pm

Name: Fenn

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 61' 5"

Personality: Hard and hardy, Fenn usually doesn't take no for an answer or see any substance in whining. He doesn't trust anyone else to lead, and doesn't actually like giving people he doesn't know tasks as he doesn't know if they can do them right... or at least, his definition of 'right'.

He does have a soft spot for hugs, though, and often finds himself needing one. Not that he'd ever admit it openly, of course. What a hard head.

Character Flaws: He's rather... controlling. While he is a good leader, he tends to boss people around far more than he ought to, and he apparently has OCD. If his orders aren't done to the letter... unhappy giant.

Talent: He's got a good head on his shoulders for tactics.

Powers: He can temporarily boost his own physical abilities and those of others, imbuing them with somewhat increased strength, stamina, and reflexes.

Appearance: As above.

Other: He's okay at crafting wooden and metal gear and keeping it in good shape, though he's yet to find enough material to make himself armor... much less a shirt.

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Re: Super's RP box

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