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Post by Ciabatta on Sun Jan 05, 2014 11:01 pm

UPDATE 7/16/2017: Please note that the Gulliver aspect of the Big Sister Server has officially been retired, and the server is now running vanilla Minecraft 1.12. It is also being managed on a new thread with a new whitelist found here:

This thread is now obsolete and will no longer be used to write whitelist applications for the Big Sister server. Thank you all for your patronage these past four years on the Big Sister Gulliver Minecraft Server, and I hope you will continue on the new vanilla server for many more years to come!

Old post:
UPDATE 5/27/2017: Please note that discussions are currently underway to retire the Gulliver aspect of the Big Sister Server earlier than anticipated, and to replace this with a cutting-edge Vanilla server. This means that whitelist applications for the Gulliver server will be discontinued soon and a new whitelist server will be created to accommodate the Vanilla server.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming month!


Hello, and thank you for your interest in joining the Big Sister Gulliver Minecraft server.  The server operates with a whitelist, the application for which you can find below.  

Before you continue, please take a minute to view the official Big Sister Server Quick Guide for an overview of the server and the installation setup.  If after reading the guide you still wish to continue, please reply to this thread with your completed copy of the application below....

1) What is your Minecraft username (or "IGN")?
Please don't forget this as we won't know how to whitelist you on the server. 
For security reasons, we cannot assume your forum username is equal to your Minecraft one.

2) Please explain why you would like to join the Server.
We are looking for a detailed and honest explanation, ideally between 60 to 90 words.  Focus on your reasons for joining our server specifically over other server options (such as whether you like our documentation, our server videos, or our Dynmap), but you can also include such things as how you heard about this server, how you were acquainted with UncleMion's Gulliver Mod, and if you have had any experience in prior Gulliver servers.

3) Please explain how your talents, skills, experience, personality traits, and aspirations can help contribute positively to our server.
You are free to be a little broad here since you have likely never been to our server and don't know how we're like.  But your goal here is to demonstrate, ideally between 60 to 90 words, how you expect to do your part to help keep our server a happy, peaceful and productive place.  Things like maturity, building cred, and an independent spirit are valuable to us, but you're more than welcomed to be creative here.

4) Please list five random facts about yourself that can help differentiate you from other players.
It can be very easy to rinse and repeat the same answers from the previous two questions, so here is your chance to truly differentiate yourself from other players.  List five amazing facts about yourself that make you special or that may be of interest to someone in our community.  Be sure to write detailed responses in full sentences, and bulleted-out to make it easier for us to read.  

Here is my own list of random facts to illustrate how you should list these:

• I bake breads in real life, but from non-standard ingredients like flax, sorghum, coconut, banana and almond flour.
• I own a pony and llama farm, and engage in the side business of selling the magic of friendship and cheap-imitation alpaca coats.
• I have a full-time job that more than pays for the server (hence why no donations are needed).  
• I own two fantastic Chromebooks, both running Ubuntu Linux in a ChromeOS chroot environment and XFCE4.
• I enjoying eating almost all my food with mint chutney and ghee, although I don't eat wheat in any way, shape or form.  

Of course these are just examples, and unless you really really like mint chutney, it would look really strange to see these same samples in your own list of facts. So be clever and creative! Now is your time to shine! 

5) To ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities on our server, please read the Novice's Creed, and write down one right or responsibility that you enjoy the most.
Feel free to copy and paste it here, or paraphrase it from memory.  The most important thing to demonstrate is that you opened the document and read enough of it to pick one of the rights or responsibilities listed.  What you picked may be used to assess your personality, so choose wisely and feel free to explain your choice if you want.

6) And finally, to confirm that you read the Big Sister Server Quick Guide  please write down the name of the official server currency.
Again, we just need to make sure you opened the guide and can find the answer to this very simple question.

Hopefully the information you need has been provided to you in the most clear and detailed way possible, but if you have any questions or are unsure about something, feel free to ask us first before submitting your application.

Thank you and good luck!

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